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Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Mechanic Working On Brakes

It’s an ordinary day, and you’re on your daily commute or running a weekly errand in Nickerson. Then you suddenly hear a metallic sound coming from your car as you apply the brakes. You wonder, “Why are my brakes grinding?” Then you worry about the safety of your family and how much a brake repair will cost. Unfortunately, the sound of the brakes grinding can indicate that there are issues with your braking system that need immediate attention.



While it may be tempting to put off your next brake repair until a more convenient time, you really shouldn’t. The National Highway Safety Administration has found that faulty brakes are a factor in up to a quarter of all road accidents. Rather than take your chances, schedule service with Allen Samuels Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram ASAP. Meanwhile, let’s run through some common causes for brakes grinding.

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Stopping?

First things first. When do you notice your brakes making grinding noises? If you hear your brakes grinding when stopping, it could be for a few different reasons.

These are the main reasons why brakes make a grinding noise when stopping:

  • If you hear the grinding sound when stopping or slowing down, your brake pads are likely the cause. Over time, brake pads lose their thickness and start to make a squealing noise. This is known as brake scrubbing. As the pads wear down further, you’ll hear a grinding noise instead. The grinding noise is an indicator of a much worse problem than the squealing noise.
  • If you hear a sharper grinding noise, it could be the sound of your brake disc and calipers. This may also cause a rumble in your pedal. This may require a brake pad replacement, but also disc or rotor replacement. Definitely get this looked at as soon as possible.
  • If you hear brakes grinding when stopping at full force, it could be your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Your ABS will activate if you apply the full brakes, and it may even cause vibrations in the pedal. Brakes grinding when stopping is no small matter in any situation.

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Driving?

If your brakes are making a grinding noise when driving in and around Buhler, it could just be rocks and debris bouncing off the caliper and rotor. This is an easy fix. But it’s important to get it resolved quickly to prevent more damage as the debris bangs around. You can try to remove the debris yourself if you have experience with brake systems. However, most Newton drivers prefer to leave the job to our service department. If your vehicle is in for any type of maintenance, we can perform a brake inspection to make sure they’re in top shape.

Schedule Your Brake Service with Allen Samuels Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Looking for an exact answer to the question “Why are my brakes grinding?” The only way to find out is with help from the experts at Allen Samuels Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram when we look over your braking system. Contact us with any questions or schedule a service appointment at your convenience. Our team will be happy to bring your car and its brakes back to good working order. We can also take care of tires, batteries, radiators, and oil changes with our express lane.


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