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What Does the Light On My Dashboard Mean?

Dashboard Warning Lights


Do the dashboard warning lights just look like pretty symbols to you? You’re not the only one. Each light serves as a notification so you and your passengers can drive safely through Nickerson, so it’s important to know what they mean. If you often ask yourself “What does the light on my dashboard mean?”, you’ve come to the right place! Our service department will guide you through the variety of dashboard warning light symbols and meanings so you can take appropriate action. Learn more with Allen Samuels Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today!

Dashboard Warning Lights & Their Meanings

We’ve created a list of important lights and their warnings below for your reference. If you have dashboard warning lights as you are reading this, use it as a guide so you know what your vehicle is trying to tell you. Some are warnings while others are simply notifications.

Engine Warning Lights:

Coolant Temp Warning – Your coolant levels are off, your fan isn’t working properly, or the coolant is leaking.

Service Vehicle – This light typically comes on when an electrical issue occurs.

Reduced Power Warning – Something is malfunctioning and you need to have the engine serviced.

Cruise Control – When you use cruise control, this light will stay illuminated as long as the system is on.

Brake System Warning Lights:

Brake System – There is a problem with something regarding your brake system.

Traction Control or ESP – Your vehicle’s electronic stability system is being utilized.

Safety & Informative Warning Lights:

Security Alert – Your ignition switch is locked, or a door is left ajar. This light will indicate either the tech malfunction or alert you of the open door.

Fog Lamp – This reminds you when you have your brights on.

Airbag Fault – This light usually appears once the car has been started to indicate there’s a fault in the airbag system. Bring your vehicle in for a repair.

Washer Fluid Reminder – Your washer fluid is low and needs to be replaced.

Tires Warning Lights:

Tire Pressure Warning Light The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has detected that one or more of your tires has a tire pressure rating that’s too low or too high. You should have your tires’ PSI adjusted to the recommended levels as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Get Serviced at Allen Samuels Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

Now that you know more about dashboard warning light symbols and meanings, you can drive with peace of mind through Buhler or Newton streets! Some issues are able to be solved right where you are. Learn how to reset your check engine light or reset your tire pressure light after you’ve rectified the issue with Allen Samuels Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.


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